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Manufacturers based in Johannesburg South Africa. We supply many different models and designs catering from AGM to High Power Lithium battery designs. 

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Brighter LED Chips: Philips, Cree or Litup LED chips provide 130-160 lumens of light per watt with LM79 - 80 LED packages (high end components). The brighter light means more light output, enabling a smaller 30 Watt Street Light to provide better light than a traditional 70 Watt Street Light.

Lithium LIFEPO4 Battery: The Lithium LIFEPO4 Battery ensures a longer lifespan (over 2000 - 4000 Cycles at 65% Discharge), and won't need to be replaced after 12-18 months like traditional cheaper AGM Batteries.

These batteries also withstand higher temperatures, and cannot be used like normal batteries, which reduces the risk of theft and provides better product performance

MPPT Solar Charger: The MPPT Charger ensures that the Solar Panel provides maximum solar charging, and recharges the battery faster.

Lightweight & Compact: The Solar Street Light is lightweight and compact, and can be quickly installed without the need for a Cherry-Picker, when used with the Foundation Cage and Street Pole.

LED Solar Street Light with Lithium Ion Battery and MPPT Solar Charger
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Overall, our LED Solar Street Lights, LED Solar Flood lights or LED Solar Integrated All In One Solar  Lighting provides a

more cost-effective solution by

supplying quality components that will last,

reducing installation costs and also

requiring less maintenance over 3 to 8 years. Standard full 3 year product warranty with option to extend to 6 years. 

Most of our designs are up too 70% local South African content. We can also build cheaper custom designs based on a clients budget, needs and performance requirements. Our build capabilities of up to 8 x 800w LED solar powered Highmast lighting of 6.4Kw of high powered LED lighting. Most of our materials are sourced from ISO9001 certified component suppliers ensuring premium quality overall in performance and design. Superior LED lumen packages from 130 to 160 lumen per watt. Our LED street luminaires and Flood fittings are all IEC tested and approved according to IEC 60598 - 2 - 1 / 60598 - 2 -3 / 60598 - 2 - 5 / 62471 - 2, LED luminaire performance LM79 - LM80, IP65, 66, 67, Solar panels IEC 61215 & TUV certification, Solar controllers IEC 62509 / 62093, Lithium battery packs UN38 & ISO9001 

New design high output range launching in the coming few weeks from 10 to 400w High Power LED Solar Floods, 12 - 300w High Power LED Solar street lights (UP too 64 000 lumen) with Lithium & Iot - Internet of things and our new economy series solar street and flood ranges. These new economy designs will be designed and supplied with Lithium to Lead Carbon Capacitor batteries including motion sensor models as simple plug n play bolt on solutions. These designs are for the clients who are looking for cheaper, more affordable High power Solar LED lighting solutions. Our High power product warranties range from 3 - 25 years on various components.